Horse Related Insurance Products

WiseHorse has undertaken research to provide you with informative guides on horse-related insurance products. Our information intends to assist you in making informed decisions leading you to take out a robust and tailored insurance policy.

Some insurance products relating to the horse industry can be considered niche, which is why specialist horse insurers rather than general insurers are essential.

Wide-ranging products for the horse sector split between personal and business equine. The business side of the horse industry is diverse. From farriers to livery yards and riding schools, all have insurance requirements that need fulfilling.

With every horse-related activity having varying needs, a personalised policy is essential. A cheap policy is not necessarily the best one in a segment where you have large, unpredictable animals like horses. Equine business insurance includes but is not limited to the following list.

Personal Equine Insurance

Horse Insurance

From leisure horses to competing in events, most insurance providers cater for differing levels of activity and riFrom leisure horses to competing in events, most insurance providers cater to differing levels of activity and risk involving your horse.

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Horse Rider Insurance

Insurance for those that ride but do not own Insurance for those that ride but do not own their horse, importantly it includes public liability and personal accident cover.

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Veteran Horse Insurance

As a horse get older, it becomes harder to get the same insurance coverage as standard horse insurance. The increasing risk of treatment sees insurers treat veteran horses differently for insurance purposes.

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Horse Trailer Insurance

Trailer cover is for those towing their horse in a trailer where a large animal like a horse can cause driving control issues.

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Horsebox Breakdown Insurance

Insurance to cover breakdown and recovery services it includes roadside assistance and the onward transportation of horses.

Horsebox Insurance

Protection for all the needs of a horsebox owner, it includes breakdown cover and young driver cover.

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Public Liability Insurance

Also known as third party insurance, this provides cover should a person get injured or property damaged in an incident with your insured horse.

Catastrophe Insurance

Catastrophe is a more affordable alternative to standard horse insurance with a focus on vet fees.

Business Equine Insurance

Livery and Private Yard Insurance

Cover against incidents such as fire and flooding for both commercial and private stables.

Equestrian buildings Insurance

Equestrian buildings range from stables to large equestrian centres. The cover protects against theft, fire and flooding.

Horse Transportation Insurance

It is a comprehensive cover for those involved professionally in the transportation of horses. It includes employer’s liability and care, custody and control cover.

Riding School Insurance

Insurance to help provide a safe environment for both the staff and the customers of the riding school.

Riding instructor Insurance

Insurance cover allowing those who instruct to take care of their clients safely, including public liability insurance.

Racehorse trainer Insurance

Trainer insurance tailors for the trainer including land liability, public liability and employer’s liability.

Stud insurance

Insurance for stallions at stud, cover includes death intransit, loss of an unborn foal and cover for private sales.

Equestrian Events Insurance

Cover for event organisation if anything should go wrong including unexpected cancellation

Riding Club Insurance

Riding clubs have specific risks that a catered for under this cover including public liability and event cancellation insurance.