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Julie Andrews Horse Insurance Services, also known as JAHIS, has over fifty years of experience in the equine insurance industry

Julie Andrews provides flexible and bespoke horse insurance to their customers and is now part of the wider Petcover EU limited insurance group which offers broad insurance coverage across a range of different sectors.

Julie Andrews is an independent horse insurance broker which allows them to provide impartial advice. As they do not tie to any insurer, they can offer competitive policy quotes from many of the leading horse insurers.

As a long-established broker, specialising in equine insurance, the staff are extremely experienced in navigating through the quirks of this specialist insurance sector.

How Does Julie Andrews Compare to Other Horse Insurance Providers?

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Julie Andrews does not provide a quote and buy online form, which provides an instant price for cover and allows for the immediate purchase of insurance. Julie Andrews requires the completion of a form which once completed will see an agent get in contact with a quote.

In terms of coverage features, like many providers of horse insurance, death, theft, and straying are a standard feature of Julie Andrews policies. Vet fees cover of up to £5,000 is available, which is within the usual range of insurance policies that we have researched. A selection of vet fee excesses is available ranging from a zero excess up to £500.

The option to include alternative therapies if they are not included within vet’s fees is a useful add-on. Julie Andrews policies include nine optional extras as part of a pick and mix policy offering and above the average of eight add-on policy features that our research has shown to be standard across the sector. As a specialist provider of horse insurance policies, it is expected that a policy should have plenty of scope to tailor to a customer’s needs.

Julie Andrews Key Policy Add-On Features

Julie Andrews has a good selection of policy add-on features above the standard cover of for death and straying. The following features are available in the policy:

  • Personal accident cover
  • Vet fees cover
  • Alternative therapies option
  • Saddlery and tack
  • Public liability cover
  • Permanent loss of use
  • Transportation and livery
  • Horse trailer and horse-drawn vehicle cover
  • Disposal of a horse

Other Horse-Related Insurance Products From Julie Andrews

As a specialist provider of equine insurance, Julie Andrews offers cover across a wider range of horse-related insurance. Business equine, as well as personal equine, are areas of expertise. Below are some of the horse insurance products that JAHIS provide.

Horsebox insurance

Horse transportation involves a significant number of risks, as horses are large and heavy animals. A horsebox is a motorised vehicle designed to transport horses safely and like many equine specialists Julie Andrews provide bespoke cover that closely matches the full extent of all your horsebox needs.

horse being transported

Horse trailer insurance

A horse trailer is another method of transporting horses. As it is towed by another vehicle, there are risks involved. The combined weight of a horse and a trailer is substantial and undertow can affect driving, including the steering from uneven weight distribution and braking. There always exists the risk of theft and combined with driving difficulties, horse trailer insurance is a very specialist insurance that dedicated horse insurance providers like Julie Andrews can provide tailored cover.

Horse breakdown cover

A cover which is available either as a stand-alone policy or an optional extra on a horsebox insurance policy. Horse breakdown cover provides full repair or recovery services should your horsebox breakdown on the roadside.

Instructor insurance

A freelance riding instructor must ensure they are fully insured to cover their day to day teaching activities. Instructor insurance provides full protection and can include public liability, employer liability as well as care, custody, and control.

Riding school insurance

The running of an equestrian riding school poses numerous risks for the operator of the business. Public liability insurance is legally required, and Julie Andrews can provide bespoke cover which can also include property damage, employer liability and care, custody and control.

Customer Feedback

JAHIS does not have a review page on Trustpilot or Feefo. As part of our Julie Andrews Horse Insurance review, we include customer feedback. Both the Julie Andrews Facebook page and independent horse forums provide sufficient feedback to appraise customer sentiment of the business.

Feedback appears mixed with some customers leaving positive reviews about the efficient service received as well as competitive quote pricing. Other feedback mentions that when there is a claim, despite excellent dealings with Julie Andrews, as they are brokers, they are not making decisions on claims themselves, it is the underlying insurance company.

Further information

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Julie Andrews Horse Insurance Services (JAHIS) is owned by Petcover EU Limited – company number 10001319