Reviews of UK Horse Insurance Providers

We review all the UK’s leading horse insurance providers and compare their policies. Researching horse insurance when you are looking for a policy is painstakingly slow and can be confusing. WiseHorse has done a lot of the heavy lifting for you. We provide up to date information all in one knowledge hub. We are continually reviewing the horse insurance market to ensure our data is current.

Our research intends to aid you to make an informed decision and get a policy that carefully tailors to your horse-related activities.

There is no better way to appreciate your horse activities than in the knowledge that you have a watertight policy in place that will pay out when you most need it.

We are continually undertaking insurer reviews, and the leading insurers we have reviewed include:

Further providers of horse insurance in the UK include but are not limited to the following:

  • Julie Andrews
  • Lycetts
  • Four counties insurance
  • Harry Hall
  • Crosby Insurance
  • Towergate Insurance
  • Equesure
  • The Horse Insurers:
  • British pet insurance
  • British Horse Society (BHS)