Our Animal Friends Horse Insurance Review For 2021


Animal Friends has an ethical background which starts right from its inception back in 1998.

The company was set up to focus on supporting animal welfare charities by raising money through a business selling pet insurance and every policy purchased from Animal Friends now helps support a wide selection of animal charities. Its founder is Elaine Fairfax who is still involved with the company as its managing director.

It now supports 300 charities across the United Kingdom as well as worldwide, and has donated a total of £4 million since its humble beginnings.

In the twenty years since its launch, Animal Friends has grown into one of the UK’s largest pet insurance providers providing insurance for horses as well as cats and dogs. Across all its active policies, Animal Friends now provides insurance cover for over 800,000 animals.

Animal Friends declare their mission as one where in addition to providing industry leading insurance, they want to assist charities impact positively on animal welfare.

Animal Friends Horse Insurance Policy Strengths

Following in-depth analysis of the Animal Friends horse insurance plan, it was immediately obvious where the strengths of this insurer lie and we would like to share this information, which is as follows:

Easy to use online quote form

The Animal Friends online quote system is straightforward to use and offers an instant quote once you have tailored your policy with relevant features.

Generous vet fee limit

The maximum vet fee limit per incident is one of the highest we have reviewed at up to £6,000. The industry average is £5,000 per incident.

Excellent policy mix and match options

The insurer is unique in offering death, theft and straying as an optional extra as opposed to a mandatory feature. It makes it the ultimate pick and mix policy. Most horse insurers will have at least a death benefit as obligatory on a plan.

Horse Insurance Standard Features: How does Animal Friends Compare?

older brown horse

Animal Friends lies in the middle of the road regarding its horse insurance policy compared to other providers. It is not the cheapest nor most expensive product out there.

Like many competitors, it has a similar number of bolt-on features to tailor a policy with, at eight.

Public liability

Public liability levels are neither high nor low at £2 million.

Horse age on policy

Horse age levels on the standard policy match other providers with a range of 30 days to 19 years of age, beyond which you would need to switch to their mature horse policy.

Saddlery and tack

A saddlery and tack maximum limit at £5,000, is in line with other standard insurance policies.

Personal accident cover

Animal Friends does not have a premium version of its standard equine insurance policy. It means some features such as personal accident cover has a cap at £10,000. It is on the low side with other providers covering up to £20,000 as a bolt-on extra.

How Much Does Horse Insurance from Animal Friends Cost?

We compare a standard Animal Friends horse policy quote with other insurance providers.

Policies should not be chosen by price alone, but we want to provide as much information as possible before you commit to a horse insurance policy.

A standard policy quote for a 7-year old horse purchased for £4,000 with a resident postcode of WA16 is £46.00 per month and includes the following extras and maximum levels:

Public liability: £2,000,000/£250 Excess

Personal accident: £10,000

Saddlery and tack: Up to £1,500/£100 Excess

Permanent loss of use: £4,000

Vet’s Fees: £4,000/£250 Excess

Theft cover: £4,000

Death of horse cover: £4,000

Animal Friends Online Ratings and Awards

On Trustpilot, Animal Friends has a 4.4-star rating based on feedback from over 18,000 customers. Trustpilot’s assessment criteria consider this an excellent rating, with over 75% of the reviews rated five stars.

trust pilot stars

Consistent feedback specific to equine insurance reviews is the speed with which a claim reimburses and the high level of customer service, including excellent communication. Reviewers also leave feedback about the ease of setting up a new policy online. Animal Friends regularly wins industry awards. The most recent was the vote as Personal Finance’s Best Pet Insurer for 2019/20.

Other Horse-Related Insurance Products from Animal Friends

As well as their standard horse policy, Animal Friends offer a mature horse policy and stand-alone rider insurance as part of their suite of horse insurance policies.

Mature horse insurance

Available for horses aged 20 years and over, the plan includes vet fee coverage up to a maximum benefit level of £2,000 per unrelated condition or injury applied. Public liability is available to provide cover up to £2 million. The bolt-on benefits are added on to a simple to use the quote form to provide you with an instant, personalised policy quote.

Rider Insurance

Rider and young rider insurance provide cover when you ride a horse which you do not own or which is on loan. The coverage offers public liability up to £1 million, personal accident up to £10,000, emergency vet fees up to £1,000 and custodial liability insurance up to £2,000.

Further Information

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