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Horse is an affordable horse insurance provider that only offers its policies online. is the trading name of The Equine & Livestock Insurance Company Limited (E & L) an insurance provider which is known for providing insurance in the equine industry. is best known for its easy to use, click and buy online quotation system which allows you to tailor insurance policies closely to your horse-related activities by only selecting the benefits that you need as you navigate through the online quote.

All the horse insurance purchased online come with up to 45% off policies as well as discounts for more than one horse insured under a single policy known as a multi-horse discount.

Horse Insurance From A Market Comparison offers two policies for consumers, a standard horse policy and a veteran horse policy. Neither of the insurance policies features a premium version.

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The cover available is flexible with eight bolt-on extras on the standard horse policy to choose from, which is comparable with competitors. The online pick and choose quote form is straightforward to navigate and complete. It provides an instant quote, in-line with that offered by other equine insurers.

Insurable horse age

The insurable horse age on the standard policy is in line with other insurers with an insurable age range of 31 days up to 20 years old after which a veteran horse plan is a requirement.

Personal accident

Personal accident cover with a policy at £12,500 is better than the £10,000 offered by other providers that do not provide a premium plan.

Public liability cover and vet fees

The level of coverage available is on the low side for essential features such as vet fees and public liability cover. Vet fees have a maximum cap of £3,000 per incident. Most providers offer at least £5,000 as an option. Public liability insurance comes with one variant of £1.25 million where most providers offer up to £3 million. Saddlery and tack are limited to £1,750, which is below average amongst the leading providers. Policy Considerations provides horse owners with an obvious trade-off. With a 40% discount on horse insurance, it is one of the cheapest insurance providers out there. If your activities are not complicated or not high-risk, perhaps you will consider a policy with lower limits.

Where maybe falls short is for those with complex insurance needs or involve in competition related activities. For competitive sport, which may require higher or more personalised levels of cover the standard policy offered by horse UK maybe a little too limiting.

Horse Policies should not select on price alone. It is vital to weigh up your activities and their risk profile. It may transpire that cheap insurance with lower cover levels is perfect for your hacking activities in the countryside.

How Much Does Horse Insurance from Cost?

The cost of insurance of cover with is one of the market’s cheapest. We compared insurance from UK providers for a horse policy with a standard set of variables with average limit coverage levels. The cost of cover ranges from £46 to £102, and the Horse Insurance quote comes in at £60.50.

A standard policy quote for a seven years old horse purchased for £4,000 for postcode WA16 is £60.50* per month and includes the following extras and maximum levels:

Public liability: £1,250,000/£210 Excess

Personal accident: £12,500

Saddlery and tack: Up to £1,500/£85 Excess

Permanent loss of use: 100% of the value

Vet’s Fees: £3,000/£170 Excess

Theft cover: £4,000

Death of horse cover: £4,000

*Horse Insurance UK uses lunar monthly premiums which means there are 13 annual payments and not 12. It may have an impact on the price of the policy compared to providers that offer their policy which is based on a standard 12 monthly payments per year. – A Look at Customer Feedback

Horse Insurance UK has over 1300 customer reviews with an average 4.5-star rating from Feefo, a trusted supplier of feedback and ratings.

Consistent areas for positive review are how good the level of customer service is by telephone how simple the online application process is and how reasonable the prices of the policies are.

Additional Useful Information

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