The Insurance Emporium: A Detailed Horse Insurance Review

info on insurance emporium

Insurance Emporium provides insurance to a niche range of personal insurance sectors, one of which is personal equine insurance.

Insurance Emporium is the trading name of the Equine & Livestock Insurance Company Limited (E&L) which is a well-established insurer in the horse insurance industry. E&L is also the company behind another well-known equine insurer,

Insurance Emporium successfully employs the click and buy online quote model and is able to provide discounted quotes. It also declares itself as an ethical insurer. Its mission statement includes a planet-friendly pledge to recycle, work paperless as well as contribute to life-changing UK charities.

A Look At The Insurance Emporium’s Horse Insurance Policy

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The Insurance Emporium offers all its options on one standard horse policy, unlike other providers that offer some features only on a premium version. It nicely simplifies the Insurance Emporium product and is a reason why customer feedback mentions the ease and clarity of the horse cover that you purchase through their website.

The number of additional features is impressive, with up to 12 available. It is significantly more than the sector average of 8 bolt-on extras provided by other providers. Useful features include European use and legal helpline cover.

The maximum level of cover is average in the sector for vet fees and tack cover at £5,000 and £3,000, respectively. Public liability at a maximum of £1.5 million is on the low side. Personal accident cover is impressive though at a substantial £22,500 through the online quote form. Most providers do not go past £20,000 online, and it would require direct contact to request a quote for additional coverage.

The Key Policy Points to Take Away

  • Insurance Emporium provides a substantial array of additional features on a single horse insurance policy all available online.
  • The level of cover is average for the sector, not better and certainly not worst.
  • Like its sister company, is a discount insurer with up to 30% offered of policies.

Feedback from online customers does reference the excellent value of its cover. We will compare the cost of coverage with other providers next in this review.

How Much Does Horse Insurance from Insurance Emporium Cost?

WiseHorse has undertaken a quote comparison of horse insurers to provide you with additional information to help in the search for watertight insurance cover. Due to differing levels of requirements, horse insurance cover should not consider using price alone.

A standard policy quote for a 7-year old horse purchased for £4,000 for postcode WA16 came out at £70.88 per month* with Insurance Emporium and included the following extras and maximum levels:

Public liability: £1,500,000/£250 Excess

Personal accident: £22,500

Saddlery and tack: Up to £1,500/£85 Excess

Permanent loss of use: 100% of the value

Vet’s Fees: £5,000/£170 Excess

Theft cover: £4,000

Death of horse cover: £4,000

*Insurance Emporium bases its monthly premiums on a lunar month of 28 days which equates to 13 payments. It may need your consideration when compared with standard 12 monthly payments offered by most insurers.

Other Horse-Related Products

Insurance Emporium offers numerous additional personal equine insurance products for customers, all available to purchase cover online:

Veteran horse insurance

Cover that Insurance Emporium provides for horses of any age over 20 years old with a range of features to choose from for a personalised policy.

Horse rider insurance

For those that ride but do not own a horse, the plan provides third-party protection and personal accident cover to protect if anything should go wrong.

Horse trailer insurance

Provided by Insurance Emporium, trailer insurance includes coverage for both horse-drawn vehicles and horse trailers.

Trailer hire insurance

Specialist insurance cover for horse trailer hire of varying durations and with several different features.

The Insurance Emporium – Online Customer Feedback

The Insurance Emporium has a 4.6-star rating from over 875 reviews on Feefo the well-known consumer rating site.

Customer reviews specifically for equine insurance refer to how quick and easy the website is to navigate, how clear it is what you are purchasing and finally, the cost of insurance proving great value for money. The company also has a Defaqto 5-star rating for 2020.

Supplementary Information

The Insurance Emporium

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The Insurance Emporium

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