KBIS Horse Insurance: Our Review

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KBIS was first established in 1986 and is now one of the UK’s leading independent horse insurers.

As an equine specialist, as opposed to a general insurer, its range of horse-related insurance products is substantial. Insurance cover ranges from standard horse insurance to more niche coverage like British eventing personal injury and farrier insurance.

Very active within the UK horse industry, KBIS sponsors numerous events and organisations including British showjumping, British eventing and the Equestrian Employers Association. It is involved with some of Britain’s most significant equestrian events.

From its Berkshire offices, KBIS’ specialist team of equine specialists work across the full spectrum of the equine insurance sector providing cover across a range of activities and budgets.

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How Does KBIS Horse Insurance Compare to Other Providers?

KBIS offer a very comprehensive yet easy to complete the online quote form. It is possible to use the same quote form to get a quote for either a standard horse or a veteran horse.

Two insurances are available. KBIS call one a leisure policy which is standard horse insurance. It offers cheaper vet fee options and provides cover for mature horses. Premium cover which KBIS brand as their Competition Horse policy offers higher levels of coverage across a range of essential features.

With ‘Competition Horse’ cover, the maximum limits available online are amongst the highest on the market without having to call or be referred for a quote. For example, a horse can insure up to the value of £15,000 without having to refer to an agent. It offers a maximum vet fee cap of £6,000 where most competitors offer up to £5,000. Saddlery and tack cover are substantial with up to £10,000 coverage also available through the online application form.

The extensive insurance cover available from KBIS is complete with up to £20,000 Personal accident cover and £3 million public liability available online.

KBIS equine insurance undoubtedly allows policy curation that tailors very carefully to your requirements. High levels of cover are not a barrier that they may be with other insurers.

How Much Does A Policy From KBIS Cost?

We have compared quotes from leading insurers, including KBIS, to provide our subscribers with even more data with which to inform themselves about horse insurance.

The standard quote we use for a comparison of the leading providers is for a 7-year old mare, purchased for £4,000 and stabled at a WA16 postcode. The quotes all use similar levels of personal accident, public liability and vet’s fees cover.

The quote from KBIS was £101.26 per month with the following extras and maximum levels:

Public liability: £2,000,000/£500 Excess

Personal accident: £10,000

Saddlery and tack: £1,500

Permanent loss of use: 100% of the value of £4,000

Vet’s Fees: £3,500/£175 Excess

Death, theft or straying cover: included

As we advocate at WiseHorse, price is not the sole barometer on which to base horse insurance. There is value in understanding the quotes available from all the leading providers to get a feel if something is out of sync.

A short video from KBIS that provides an overview of their suite of horse insurance products to provide protection for all horse-related activities

KBIS Horse-related products

KBIS is innovative when it comes to horse-related products and have pioneered some specific features that adopt throughout the industry. Principle amongst these was working with the BEVA to bring forward increased cover for colic surgery, which vets felt was light on maximum coverage in the industry. It is now an industry standard to offer £7,500 for colic surgery amongst equine insurers.

On top of horse insurance, a robust suite of horse insurance products is available with KBIS. It includes stand-alone liability insurance and personal accident insurance which is useful for individuals that ride but do not own a horse. For owners, the cover is available for horseboxes and breakdown.

The full range of KBIS products that cater to both personal and business equine are the following:

  • Third-party liability insurance
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Horse insurance
  • Bloodstock insurance
  • Horsebox insurance
  • Trailer insurance
  • Breakdown insurance
  • Pony and riding club insurance
  • Horse related property insurance
  • Sports Horse insurance

For further details of all the KBIS insurance products available for the horse industry, you can visit the website or contact them directly. We have provided the details below for you.

KBIS – Customer Online Feedback

KBIS is reviewed on Feefo and has a 4.7-star rating. A recurring theme of positive reviews relates to how clear the quote form layout is to complete and how quick it is to cover a horse online.

Reference is made to the knowledgeable telephone support available if you have any further questions. Substantial levels of support are not surprising. All of KBIS’ staff have extensive experience in the field and are horse lovers and owners.

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