Petplan Equine Horse Insurance: Our Review

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Petplan is a subsidiary of the behemoth global insurer, Allianz and is the largest provider of pet insurance in the UK.

As an offshoot of Petplan, Petplan Equine was launched in 1988 to provide horse and rider insurance for the UK market.

The company is heavily involved in supporting the equine industry, mainly British Dressage. Petplan Equine Area Festivals are British Dressage events that the company sponsor; there are 19 in number, and they run from August until November throughout the UK, allowing amateur riders to experience championship conditions.

In 2019, over £13 million paid out in claims by Petplan Equine equating to payouts of over £250,000 a week on average.

Petplan Equine also has a charitable side, and it supports the Petplan Charitable Trust. The Trust was formed in 1994 to promote the health and welfare of animals. Support is provided by collecting donations from policyholders.

Petplan Equine Standard Policy Features

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Petplan Equine is one of the cheaper policy providers out there. Our research of policy quotes from the leading insurers using a standard set of features for measurement is highlighted later in this review.

Petplan Equine has one standard horse insurance policy; there is not a premium option. The plan offers seven bolt-on extras which are comparable with other insurers. Despite no premium version, the insurance plan does provide some impressive maximum cover levels which are the following and are comparable, if not better than competitors:

  • Public liability at £5 million
  • Personal accident up to £20,000
  • Saddlery and tack has an impressive £5,000 maximum incident limit

Standard Policy Strengths

Petplan Equine offers one month free when you buy online. They also have a very easy to complete online quote. It has all features on one online form to give you an instant quote. You do not have to choose between standard and premium options that other providers offer to get different coverage levels. What you see is what you get.

As previously mentioned, despite being one of the cheaper providers, they have above-average maximum levels of coverage available, particularly third-party liability and personal accident cover.

How Much Does a Horse Insurance Policy Cost from PetPlan Equine?

We compared quotes from providers for a 7-year old mare, purchased for £4,000 from a WA16 postcode. The same features include on all the quotes, including public liability, personal accident and vet’s fees. The levels of cover match as closely as possible. If you want to see all the features offered by the main providers on their policies see our detailed ‘best of’ policy guide.

The cheapest quote was £46 and the most expensive was £102

A standard policy quote from Petplan Equine was £72.18 per month and included the following features and maximum levels:

Public liability: £3,000,000/£250 Excess

Personal accident: £10,000

Saddlery and tack: Up to £1,500/£100 Excess

Permanent loss of use: £4,000

Vet’s Fees: £3,500/£500 Excess

Death, theft or straying cover: included

Petplan Equine – Online Customer Reviews and Feedback

Petplan Equine is reviewed on Feefo and has a 4.4-star rating. A recurring theme of positive feedback relates to how easy the website is to navigate and how quick the application process is online.

In further feedback, customers say it has some of the cheapest quotes of any insurance company they have enquired.

Other Horse-Related Insurance Products

Petplan Equine, like other leading equine insurers, offer cover for mature horses and rider insurance, for those who do not own their horse. 

Rider Insurance Plan

For riders who do not own their horse, rider insurance from Petplan Equine offers a range of benefits. The cover is for riders aged between the ages of 5 and 75. For those aged 18 or over both basic and deluxe cover are available. The difference relates to the level of cover. For example, cover for permanent disability is £10,000 on the basic version and £20,000 on the higher-cost option. Additional differing cover levels between the two options include public liability of £1 million or £3 million, dental treatment of either £1,000 or £1,500 and emergency vet fees of £1,000 or £1,500

Veteran Horse Plan

The veteran plan provides cover for older horses between 17 and 40 years old at the policy inception. Coverage is limited to injury only, and the maximum sum insured for death and loss by theft or straying caps at £1,500.

Inclusive within the cover is third party liability up to £3 million and personal accident up to £10,000. Optional cover includes Vet fees for injury only, an increased level of personal accident and insurance for saddlery and tack.

Additional Information

Pet Plan Limited, Trading as Petplan Equine

Correspondence Address:

Petplan Equine

Great West House (GW2)




Quote and sales enquiries: 0330 102 1658

Customer services: 0345 974 2676

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm

Saturday & Sunday closed

Financial services register number: 121849

Company registration number: 1282939