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Shearwater Insurance is part of GRP, one of Britain’s top 3 insurance intermediary groups.

With a specialist equine insurance team of horse owners, Shearwater offers an extensive range of insurance across the horse industry from personal equine to business, event and transportation insurance.

Shearwater really tries to get across the message that their service is specialized and they employ staff that are not only knowledgeable about horse insurance but are also active horsey people themselves. This is no more encapsulated than by their slogan which is:

“for horse owners by horse owners.”

Shearwater, like other specialist equine insurers, is involved in event sponsorship. They currently sponsor the Equine Sports UK Grassroots Championships and the Shearwater Young Horse Qualifiers. The company also provide financial sponsorship to event riders who sign up as Shearwater ambassadors.

Compare Shearwater Standard Policy Features With Other Insurers

Shearwater does not currently have an online quote and buy form available for horse insurance. Online customers need to fill in a form and will receive a callback.

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Out of the major insurers, we reviewed only Shearwater, and NFU Mutual do not provide an instant quote. The argument for requiring direct contact with an insurer for a quote allows the insurer to fully understand the customer requirements, for what is complicated insurance, and provide a quote that correctly aligns to the customer’s horse-related activities.

Public liability

As expected from specialist equine insurers, Shearwater offers substantial maximum limits of coverage that are often not available when using the services of a purely online quote and buy insurer. Public liability is an example of a high limit available from Shearwater with up to £10 million of public liability coverage available, whereas a direct online quote is typically capped at £5 million of third party liability cover.

Vet fees

As a bespoke horse insurer, Shearwater offers a wide range of vet fees cover from £2,500 to £7,500, with a number of excess levels available. Vet fee coverage also includes colic surgery which is not offered as a standard option by all insurers.

Death cover

Shearwater provides cover for death as a standard inclusion with every horse insurance policy. Death cover is typically an add-on option with most insurance companies.

Saddlery and tack

Shearwater provides up to £2,000 saddlery and tack cover per incident. It is a level of cover which is in line with the other leading insurance companies.

Permanent loss of use

The level of permanent loss of use coverage is set at 75%. It falls in the middle of the 60% to 100% range that is on offer with other horse insurance providers.

Horse age covered on a standard plan

For a standard plan, Shearwater offers cover from 90 days to 17 years of age, after which a veteran horse plan is a requirement. The age cross over to veteran horse is a little lower than othe companies who offer standard cover up to 19 or 20 years old.

The Official Shearwater Insurance Video

We hope that the official Shearwater video has provided a useful overview of why you should consider their horse insurance services. If after watching this video you would like to compare Shearwater with other top insurance providers, you can get a quote here.

Online Customer Reviews for Shearwater

Shearwater does not have a review presence with either Trustpilot or Feefo. We have used Facebook reviews, where the rating is 4.4 out of 5 as the barometer for our customer rating analysis. Positive reviews are in the area of breakdowns for horsebox and trailer with fast communication and a rapid vehicle recovery service.

Further Horse-Related Insurance from Shearwater

Shearwater, as a longstanding specialist horse insurer, offers an extensive range of equestrian related insurance in addition to standard horse and veteran horse insurance. These include but are not limited to:

Travel, business & professional insurance

  • Equestrian liability
  • Pony ride
  • Racehorse trainer
  • Riding club
  • Riding School
  • Stud
  • Equestrian event
  • Riding instructor
  • Equestrian buildings
  • Private and livery yard
  • Horsebox breakdown
  • Trailer insurance
  • Horsebox insurance

Useful Additional Information

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Telephone: 01992 718666

General enquiries: 01992 718 666

Company registration number: 2701633